Profile picture size and other images of Twitter, Facebook and Google+

If you are a webmaster who has a business account with the twitter or facebook or google + or a web junkie who wants to showcase his timeline or twitter page with a personalized profile picture then you Must know the exact profile picture size of those social network services so that your twitter profile picture or facebook profile picture looks professional and clean.

Profile picture size and other images of Twitter, Facebook and Google+



Twitter Profile Picture Size:

When you tweet your profile picture will be shown as a small thumbnail along with the tweet. If there is no twitter profile picture uploaded then it will show the default twitter profile picture which would make your tweets look anonymous and non professional. So make sure you upload a picture after resizing it to the profile picture size recommended by twitter.

Twitter profile picture size
Twitter profile picture size
Twitter Profile Picture Size: Z x Z px (Any pic with equal width and height)

Max size: 700k

Format: GIF, JPG, PNG

Twitter would automatically resize your pic. So you can upload any pic with equal width and height


Twitter Background picture Size:

Twitter allows you to change the background image too. Personalized twitter background image will add value to your twitter profile. You can either use your own image or use one of the ready to use pictures available in the internet.

To Change twitter background image follow the below steps
1. Sign in to your account and click on the gear icon on the righthand side top
2. Click on the design tab and scroll down to ‘customize your own’ section
3. Click on ‘choose file’ to upload your custom background image.

Recommended Twitter background image size: 1600 x 1200 px

Max size: 2MB

Format: GIF, JPG, PNG




Facebook Timeline profile picture size:

For the same reasons said above upload your own timeline profile picture to avoid showing the default image. When you upload the profile picture make sure that you resize the picture to the recommended timeline profile picture size  so that it gives a clean look.

facebook profile picture size
facebook profile picture size
Recommended Timeline profile picture size: 180 x 180 px

(Make your picture 160 x 160 px and leave 20 x 20 px empty space around so that the image holder will not cut the sides of your profile picture)


Timeline Cover picture size:

The timeline cover picture can be 850 x 315 pixels. It can be creatively designed to communicate any information/message but should not include any call to action or website address or information, price of products or services, asking to like the page especially in case of a fan page.

Recommended cover picture size:   851 x 315 pixels

Timeline Tab image size:

Tab images in the Timeline of fan pages can also be changed to show a custom image. Follow the below steps to change the tab image.

  • Navigate to Admin panel
  • Click Edit Page -Manage permissions -Apps
  • Click on ‘edit settings’ for the app that you want to change the default fb tab image.
  • Click on change custom tab image and change the image.
Recommended timeline cover picture size: 111 x 74 pixels

Max size: 5 MB

Format: GIF, JPG, PNG

Facebook shared photo image size:

When you upload any picture to the facebook status you would have noticed that some of the images doesnt display properly.  Its because of the size of the photo that was shared. Make sure you upload a picture after re-sizing the image.

Recommended shared photo image size:  403 x 403 px or 403 x 200 px


Facebook highlight/Milestone image size:

To attract more people to see the post you can highlight the post. Facebook charges a small fee for image or Post Highlight though. Still if its a very important update or image and you want that to reach more people you may consider the facebook highlight post or image option.

Recommended highlight image size843 x 403 pixels


Facebook Custom Tab Page Size:

Recommended size: 810 px


 Google Plus


Google Plus Cover image size:

Google plus gives you the option to select either one big cover image or five separate images. And there is no restriction on the content of the image.

Recommended Google plus cover size: 900 x 180 px for one big cover image

: 112 x 112 px each if you choose 5 separate images.


Google Plus Profile Image:

Google Plus allows you to use a bigger profile picture size compared to facebook.

Recommended Google plus profile image size: 250 x 250 px


Google Plus Post Image / Video size:

Google plus images or videos has to have a width of 259 px while the height of the image or video will be automatically adjusted. If the images or videos are larger than the recommended width its advisable to resize it so that the visitors dont need to click on it to expand and see the full view.

Recommended Google post image/video: 259 px